Our business

What is it?

Our business is a winebar with oenotouristic experiences created by three friends from Wintour. We propose different activities related to wine and gastronomy. People can enjoy a glass of wine and some tapas after a day skiing or hiking in the nature of Mendoza, surrounded by the Andes. The experiences combine wine and food pairings with sports, history and nature. 

Why did we create it?

The idea of this business started after osberving that many people go to visit the remains of the plane that crashed in the Andes in 1972. History is part of the area and has become in a place of pilgrimage. A rugby team from Uruguay was traveling in the plane 571, that’s why many of our visitors are followers of this sport. Also, wine is part of the heritage of Mendoza province, so this bar offers experiences that combine history, wine and sports with a unique landscape. 

When and Where?

The winebar  Bar Avión 517 is open since February 12th of 2018 and it stars at 18:00 hs. 

It is located in the Ski Centre Las Leñas, Mendoza, Argentina *. You can come by car (1200 km from Buenos Aires, 370 km from Mendoza, 635 km from Santiago de Chile), plane (airports in Malargüe, San Rafael and Mendoza) or by bus (to San Rafael and Malargüe).

You can find more information in http://winetourf.cariou.eu/contact

and also you can check  http://www.laslenas.com/

Who are the creators?

We are three friends who met during WINTOUR that share a common background in Agriculturan Engineering and the three of us are passionate about wine. We belong to different countries, Chile, Argentina and Catalunya, so we want to share not only our wines, food and culture in this winebar, but also the gastronomy of different countries.

Fernanda Diez de Borbón                          Josep Mañé                                Isidora Lambert Royo